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Graeme Noble – Ward 15

Welcome Families of Waterdown, Flamborough, and surrounding townships of Ward 15! My name is Graeme Noble – your HWDSB Trustee and the Board’s Program Committee Chair.  

My role is to engage with fellow community members and organizations to advocate for the education and success of our students, their families, and the institutions that serve them. While my Program focus is Board-wide, my Trustee priorities rest with representing the diverse and unique needs of the villages of Ward 15.  

If you or your family is ever in search of a guide, a tandem problem-solver, or even a listening ear to help you navigate education in HWDSB, please contact me anytime via email [email protected] or phone 365- 998-3795 to help me help you. 

Trustee Newsletter Ward 15 June 2023

Trustee Newsletter Ward 15 March 2023

Updated on Monday, June 05, 2023.
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