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Questions and answers from our Grade 7 and 8 Information Night will be shared here.


1. Which French course can I take in grade 9 if I am coming to WDHS from a French Immersion program?

Students entering grade 9, that are leaving the French Immersion program, are able to take the grade 9 French course or the grade 10 academic French course.  Students opting for the grade 10 academic French course will be grouped together in the same class.


2. Questions regarding busing/transportation:

Where can I find information about busing?

HWDSB Transportation is an agency of the Board that manages Transportation. Bus delays or updates, as well as request forms can be found at their website https://www.hamiltonschoolbus.ca/ 

How do I know if I’m eligible for busing?  

Students in secondary are eligible for busing if their home address exceeds 3.2 km from the school.   

The Bus Stop Finder on the website gives approximate information on bus stops, bus routes and pick-up and drop off times as well as more information on eligibility. https://www.hamiltonschoolbus.ca/service-stopfinder.aspx 

If I am eligible, where do I get a confirmation of my ridership?  

In August each year, HWDSB Transportation sends out letters to any eligible riders with confirmed times and routes.  

 If I am or have a student who has special needs (eg. needs a harness) what do I do?  

Yes, if you have a student with special needs, please contact the school Principal as early as possible to ensure transportation is coordinated appropriately.’ 

If I am a student who lives within 3.2 km of the school, are there ever exceptions to get a seat on a bus?  

Yes. If you are student who does not have particular needs, who lives within 3.2 km of the school, but you have a reason for wanting to ride a bus, it is possible to complete a Courtesy Bus Application. These are found at https://www.hamiltonschoolbus.ca/service-emptyseat.aspx 

Courtesy rider applications are processed by school staff and HWDSB Transportation towards the end of September or early October each year (or as needed). Approval may be affected by, among other things, the availability of empty seats on a bus or a bus route passing a certain location.

 How do I find my bus at the end of the day?  

At WDHS, buses line up around the front of the school at the end of the day. Each bus has its Route # posted in a window near the front door. Many buses have tinted windows, so you need to know what your Route # is and look carefully. Once the year has started, buses will try to park in the same order at the school so students can easily find their buses. Bus drivers may also tell their riders where they intend to park each day for pick up.  

Can I ride another bus one day (eg. to go to a friend’s house)? 

Currently due to Public Health restrictions, this is not possible. However, before COVID, students could bring a dated note signed by a parent/guardian into the Main Office and have an Administrator (Principal or Vice-Principal) sign off if there was room on the bus and there were no other concerns. The student would then have to show the signed note to the bus driver.


3. Can I attend WDHS if I don’t live in the school’s catchment?

HWDSB has attendance boundaries for each of its schools. All students are directed to attend their In-Catchment School, allowing the Board to make the most effective use of its schools and staff. In some cases, families want their child to attend an Out-of-Catchment School. Students attending an Out-of-Catchment School are not eligible for transportation services. View the School Locator to see your In-catchment School.

Annually the list of schools open or closed to Out-of-Catchment attendance. The list will be updated in early February. Schools closed to Out-of-Catchment attendance do not accept Out-of-Catchment Applications and do not generate a waitlist.

We anticipate WDHS to be open to out-of-catchment for the 2023-2024 school year.

The out-of-catchment application and timelines/deadline can be found at https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/find/#tabs-112

Updated on Tuesday, December 20, 2022.
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