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Grad Photos

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Our photography partner Edge Imaging will be holding photos at their studio in Burlington for our school on Monday, March 1st through to Friday, March 5th to help students commemorate their senior year of high school. Students can make their photo session appointment by signing up online at bookmygrad.ca.

Once you get to the main page – students will select the photos at my school option to get to the correct booking schedule. * Please note* EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE SELECTING THE BOOK AT MY SCHOOL OPTION. PHOTOS ARE NOT BEING TAKEN AT THE SCHOOL. YOU MUST GO TO THE EDGEIMAGING OFFICE LOCATED AT 940 GATEWAY DR. BURLINGTON ON.

Once you select the book at my school option, complete the steps below.

  1. Enter code: WDD at the bottom of the page.
  2. Then select the sitting of your choice and scroll down to see the available schedule to pick the best time and date for you.
  3. After you finish your booking. You will receive an email confirmation stating the date, time, and location with Edge imaging’s address on it.

For more information please visit edgeimaging.ca/graduation.

Edge Imaging Flyer

Updated on Tuesday, December 08, 2020.
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