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Scholarship/Bursary Information

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Link to Awards Information Sheet and Applications 2024 (Click here)


  1. Aldente Dentistry Award for Music Excellence
  • This award is presented to a student who throughout their high school career, demonstrated artistic efficiency with their instrument or voice, exemplary leadership, support for school ensembles, and a passion for their musical development.


  1. Chris Skinner Memorial Award
  • This award is presented to a student who is:
    • actively involved in music either in the school or community
    • entering post secondary school in the fall


  1. Jeremi Lindstrom Memorial Award
  • This award is presented to a student who has demonstrated:
    • independent learning skills, a positive attitude, a friendly demeanour and respect for others
    • a thirst for knowledge, love of reading or interest in culture
    • interested in one or more of the following areas: literature, philosophy, history, politics, sociology, art, music or culinary arts


  1. Lions’ Club of Waterdown Youth Citizenship Award
  • The Youth Citizenship Award is presented annually by the Lions’ Club of Waterdown
  • Award Criteria:
    • graduating student going on to further education in need of financial support


  1. Rotary Club Literacy Award
  • The Rotary Club of Flamborough AM presents the Literacy Award to a resident of Flamborough who will be starting an apprenticeship or attending college/university in the fall.
  • Award criteria:
    • a passion for literature
    • a good citizen within his/her school and community
    • be attending a Community College in a “Technical field”, or going on to an Apprenticeship in the workplace, or attending University in Math or Sciences


  1. Rotary Club of Waterdown, Cliff Lillicrop Bursary
  • The Cliff Lillicrop Bursary is presented annually by the Rotary Club of Waterdown to a graduating student going on to college or university.
  • The following criteria are considered for the awarding of the bursary funds:  
    1. Volunteer/community service activities, if any 
    2. Leadership experience, if any 
    3. Work experience, if any 
    4. Post-secondary education plans 
    5. Financial need (summary of existing funding and expected shortfall) 
  • Submit your document, outlining your experiences and background to the correct dropbox in the Guidance class on the HUB


  1. Waterdown Church Network Peace Award
  • This award is presented to an individual who demonstrates the capacity to contribute to their community in a way that promotes peace.


  1. Waterdown Self Storage Leadership Award
  • This award is presented to a student who throughout their involvement in DECA have demonstrated exemplary leadership and a passion for business.


  1. Waterdown Self Storage Technical Award
  • This award is presented to a student in Technological Studied who has demonstrated a conspicuous passion for Technology and Technical Trades


  1. Waterdown Youth Centre Integrity Award
  • This award is presented to a graduating student who has exemplified a thirst for learning, a drive to do what is right and good, and a heart/desire to encourage others through the challenges of pursuing their high school education.


11. Jonathan Brown Memorial Award

  • This award will be given to a graduating student who has demonstrated perseverance in overcoming adversity. Preference will be given to a student who has faced health-related challenges such as cancer, chronic illness, personal injury, loss of a loved one. The successful student will have maintained academic endeavours throughout and despite challenges while demonstrating academic ambition for post-secondary education (all pathways). Preference will be given to students who maintained a minimum average grade of 65%.



  1. Award values are estimates and reflect the dollar amounts recipients received last year.
  2. If an application requires a transcript, please email Mrs. Kennedy at [email protected]
  3. When financial need is part of the criteria, it is important that you are specific about your financial position and any extenuating family circumstances.
  4. Each of these awards has a separate application form and a separate dropbox in the Guidance Class on the HUB
  5. The submission deadline is May 29, 2024, unless the award indicates an alternate due date
Updated on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.
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