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Bell Times

8:20 AM - 2:40 PM


Laura Bartkiw - 905-549-4233 | Email


Adnan Shahbaz - 905.527.5092 x 2622 | E-mail Adnan Shahbaz


Ray Mulholland - 905.547.2237 | E-mail Ray Mulholland


Laura Bartkiw

Administrative Office Staff

Ms. T. Crispo

Home and School President

Dan Konior

Our School

Rosedale School is a JK to Grade Five school, located in the east end of Hamilton, near the Kenilworth access. The school is situated within the community of Rosedale, tucked in under the escarpment in the east end of Hamilton, near the Kimberley Street stairs. The school was built in 1953, and our enrolment hovers  just under 300 students. We are a feeder school to Viscount Montgomery School. Rosedale School actively nurtures students’ character skills and strives to foster academic excellence. Furthermore, we integrate diversity and inclusion principles into all of our programs to cultivate a positive school culture that benefits both our staff and students.

Student Success

Student Success is monitored through our School Self Assessment Process and School Improvement Plan that is developed in response to the learning needs of our students. Staff members are engaged in collaborative inquiry to enhance and strengthen their teaching practices through Professional Development in-services and Ministry initiatives. Teachers work as a team to analyze student work, DRA scores, and EQAO results to determine areas of strength and need. Teachers work with the Learning Resource teacher & Reading Specialists to improve literacy and numeracy programming.  Teachers differentiate their instruction to meet the varying interests, needs, and learning styles of students, and through release of responsibility, co-develop success criteria so that students’ expectations are clear. Teachers use on-going formative assessments and feedback to facilitate student learning. Students are given a variety of opportunities to examine their own work and the work of others  in order to move the learning forward. Teachers and students use technology as a tool to demonstrate and talk about their learning. In-school meetings are held regularly to identify students at risk and develop strategies and interventions to address student needs. Decisions to access system supports through consultations with Board personnel are also discussed at our in-school meetings. Parents are partners in the students’ learning and are invited to regular meetings.

Program Highlights

Teachers use a collaborative inquiry approach to improving their instructional practice by engaging in professional development opportunities. All decisions are funneled through the lens of the School Improvement Plan: budget, resources, and professional development. By aligning our efforts and best practices, we enhance our ability to improve student learning, particularly in literacy and numeracy. Rosedale students have access to assistive technology programs in their regular instruction. Our students prepare for 21st  Century Learning by engaging in higher level critical thinking skills and using technology to develop their ideas.   We have high levels of expectations that are celebrated at our monthly assemblies. Interventions are put in place for our students at-risk such: Class Act in Kindergarten, Leveled Literacy Instruction in Grade 1 and 2, and the Empower Reading Program for our primary students. Our initiatives are geared to promote a positive and inclusive  school climate, with a strong focus on prioritizing the mental health and well-being of our staff. Our staff members have undergone training in emotion-coaching strategies, which enables them to assist our students in effectively managing their emotions. We recognize that students’ social-emotional needs are of equal importance  to their academic successes.


Rosedale School supports the growth and development of the whole child through the following activities:

  • Primary and Junior Choir
  • Swim Team
  • Coding
  • Junior Soccer
  • Open Gym
  • Home Reading Programs
  • Book Fair
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Grade 3 Swimming
  • Fun Fair
  • Christmas Gift Shoppe
  • Public Health Safe Schools Program
  • Excursions

Before or After School Program or Activities

  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Primary and Junior Choir
  • Swim Team

Curriculum Focus

Rosedale School’s curriculum focus continues to be literacy and numeracy development.  We have analyzed DRA and EQAO assessments and have determined our area of need. Our focus in 2023-2024 for our Junior students is to develop students’ ability to solve multi-step problems in Mathematics and to show their thinking. In our primary division our goal is to have all students reading by the end of grade 1. Teachers are using strategies to enhance students’ abilities to make their learning visible. To that end, teachers and students are using technology to examine student work samples and to determine next steps for improvement. Teachers will use high yield strategies such as ongoing assessment and feedback to move the learning forward. Teachers will use technology as a tool to engage students and to ask higher level questions, clarify, and extend student learning. Volunteers are being trained to assist students with fine motor skills and phonetic awareness. We work in partnership with parents and communicate student progress and next steps regularly.

Environment Focus

Rosedale School supports green initiatives in the school. Traditionally, we have engaged in numerous environmental initiatives such as the “Boomerang Lunch” to reduce waste and to encourage the use of recyclable containers. We encourage students to use reusable water bottles and other reusable containers

Parent and Community Involvement


We thank the following community organizations for their support of our school:

  • Home and School
  • Faith Gospel Church
  • Public Health


Rosedale School enjoys the benefits of having a high degree of parent and community involvement through our Home and School Association. The Rosedale Home and School parents, through their fundraising initiatives, equitably support students and teachers with resources aimed at improving student achievement and access to experiences which will broaden their understanding of the world around them. The following activities are supported through the efforts of our parent community:

  • Gift Shoppe
  • Movie Nights
  • Fun Fair
  • Transportation for school trips
  • Purchase of technology
  • Classroom resources
  • Phys. Ed equipment
  • School wide concerts
  • Home Reading program resources



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