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Last updated on Thursday, January 19, 2017.


All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings of the council which will be held in the classroom across from the office. We usually meet on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm.  Parents and teachers are invited to join us at our monthly meetings.  We hope to see many of you attend, volunteer and participate. During our November meeting we explored priorities for this year. These include improving student achievement, promoting school safety and work on the school improvement plan.
Please see the Calendar tab of the website for the next meeting.


Mary Hopkins School Council works with the principal, teachers, and staff

  • to enhance and enrich the lives of our children and make our school a great place to learn. 
  • keep parents informed and involved in our school community
  • work with the school to prioritize how school-generated funds are budgeted and distributed.
  • Some of our subcommittees (such as PAC) help to fund-raise, find parent volunteers for school programs and activities.

PAC is a sub committee of the council and follows the Council constitution. Mary Hopkins Parent Activity Council – June 2014

Want to submit an agenda item?

Agenda items are to be submitted at least 10 days prior to the meeting date. Email one of our chairs!

Copies of the agenda will be sent out to the community 5 days prior to the meeting date.



The council is elected at the beginning of each school year and the positions are held for one year. The council currently consists of approximately 9 parents, the principal, teacher and community representative. We are currently exploring including a non-teaching staff member, plus additional members of the community. If you know someone who might be interested please contact our school council chair.

Current Members for 2016-2017

 Tracy Stewart (Chair)
Cara Leitch (treasurer)
Sumaira Waqar  (secretary)
 Erica Kirkland (PAC co-chair) (Council vice chair)]
Niki Cullis (PAC co-chair)
Kristine Anderson / Carolyn Stewart – Teacher reps  
Community Rep  
Members at Large    
Loredana Gheorghe Binal Parikh Angela George
Sandra Barclay Amanda Marshall Nikki Diffey
 Leigh Fowler  Kelly Taylor  Nicole Sicanica
Jayne Bintley    

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