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HWDSB Building


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School Staff

Principal Mrs. Melissa Biederman
Vice-Principal Mrs. Melody Brandon-Rooth
Office Administrator Mrs. Bethany Roberge LTO: Ms. April Seguin
Office Assistants Mrs. Julie Harris (AM) LTO: Ms. Lana Ippolito; Mrs. Nadia Siddiqui-Hadzocos (PM)
Class Kindergarten JSA Mrs. Deb Garrett (OCT); Ms. Sherice Sharpe (DECE) LTO: Mrs. Madeline Haydo
Class Kindergarten JSB Mrs. Dianna Boughner (OCT); Mrs. Theresa Weylie (DECE)
Class Kindergarten JSC Mrs. Melanie Hoglund (OCT); Ms. Cecilia Chiado (DECE)
Class Kindergarten JSD Mrs. Gina Browne (OCT); Mrs. Brooke Vandenheuvel (DECE)
Class 1A Ms. Rolan Samuel (Day 1-4) LTO: Miss Nicole Smith; Mrs. Jolanna Love-Stirling (Day 5) LTO: Ms. Flora Bonca
Class 12A Mrs. Denise Ordowich-Rivera
Class 12B Mrs. Amie Banfield
Class 2A Mrs. Katie Clause (Day 1, 2, 3, 5); LTO: Ms. Lana Tancredi (Day 4)
Class 23A Ms. Hali Tsui LTO: Miss Nicole Lubrick
Class 3A Mrs. Lindsay Smith
Class 34A Mrs. Emma Evans LTO: Mr. Kyle Nickerson
Class 34B Ms. Heather Napier
Class 34C, K-6 Reading Ms. Terri-Lynn D’Amico (AM); Ms. Sara Hughey (PM)
Class 45A Mrs. Janelle Sullivan
Class 45B Mr. Andrew Buonocore
Class 56A & Class 2A Health Mr. Andrew Downey
Class 56B & Class 23A Health Mr. Anthony Brecevich
Class 67A & Class 12B Health Mr. Simon Frank
Class 67B & Class 1A Health Ms. Katie Schuessler LTO: Mr. David DiFrancesco
Class 7A & Class 12A Health Mrs. Nicki DiFrancesco
Class 8A & Class 3A Health Ms. Diana Wilson-Sharp; (Day 1 ALL DAY; Day 2, 3, 4, 5 – PM) LTO: Miss Alexandra Wighton; (Day 2, 3, 4, 5 – AM) LTO: Mr. Michael Hazin
Class 8B Mr. David Bortolussi (Day 1 AM); Miss Alexandra Wighton (Day 2, 3, 4, 5 – AM); Ms. Terri-Lynn D’Amico (PM)
Music, Drama Mr. Robert Blunsdon
Primary Coverage (Physical Education, Library, Social Studies, K-6 Reading) Mrs. Melissa Leskovec
Kindergarten Coverage, K-6 Reading Ms. Rolan Samuel (Day 5) LTO: Miss Nicole Smith
French (Junior/Intermediate), K-6 Reading Mme. Lara Sousa
French (Junior) / Media Literacy (Primary) Mme. Sara Hughey (AM)
Kindergarten Coverage, Library Miss Emily MacKnight (Day 1, 2 – AM)
Learning Resource (Primary/Junior) Ms. Jessica Clement
Learning Resource (Junior/Intermediate) / French (Junior) Mme. Allison Nardi
Reading Specialist Mrs. Kathryn Skirrow
Elementary Student Success Ms. Bethany Robinson (Day 1, 4 alternating Day 3)
English as a Second Language Mrs. Sara Flavelle (Day 1, 3, 5)
Child and Youth Care Practitioner Ms. Cheryl Petkoff LTO: Miss Summer Cameron
Educational Assistant Miss Salije Ademi
Educational Assistant Ms. Jody Bell
Educational Assistant Mrs. Devon Burnett
Educational Assistant Ms. Shelagh Clarke
Educational Assistant (Temporary) Ms. Tammy Dann
Educational Assistant Miss Katie Lavovsky
Educational Assistant Mrs. Megan Sudnikowicz
Caretakers Ms. Sandra Albert (Head); Ms. Alejandia Barron Hernandez (Afternoon); Ms. Shamiram Ghazarian (Cleaning)

System Support Staff

Learning (Program) Services Dana Kingdon, Reg Varghese (K-12 Program Consultants)

Nicola Facchini (Early Years – Kindergarten)

Special Education Services Catherine Weaver (K- 12 Specialized Services Learning Consultant)
Autism and Neurodevelopmental Services Nicole Jones (Itinerant Teacher)

Rosa Migdanalevros (Speech-Language Pathologist)

Behaviour Analytic Services Christie Kling (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst)

Laura Ward (Excellence in Social Learning Teacher)

Selena Addezi (System Child and Youth Care Practitioner)

Justine Lamont (Child and Youth Care Practitioner – Positive Culture and Well-Being)

Psychological Services Nora Rice (Psychological Consultant)
Speech and Language Services Noreen Doiron (Speech-Language Pathologist)

Michelle Rego (Communication Disorders Assistant)

Social Work Services Kristi Gordon (Social Worker)
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