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Norwood Park

Grade 8 Grad Photo Update

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Grade 8 Grad Photo Update

Good morning Norwood,

We’d like to share with you an important update about Grade 8 Grad photos.

Several schools, including Norwood, were due to have grad photos taken after March 13. In cooperation with HWDSB Purchasing and Edge Photography we are offering families the chance to purchase a composite created using the fall photos. This composite can be viewed on the Edge Website and purchased via School Cash online. Further questions please check with your child’s teacher.

The unique comp would replace the grade 8 grad composite for this year using your child’s fall image on the composite.


  1. Unique Grad Composite

·         8×10 Class of 2020 composite print.

·         Traditional composite folders will not be included.

·         This product can be purchased through school cash online for a reduced rate of $17.00 (total) – Please login to school cash online to order.

Updated on Monday, June 01, 2020.
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