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Norwood Park

December 2020 Principal’s Message 

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December 2020 Principal’s Message 

Dear Norwood Park Families,

We are only a few days away from winter break! The past few months have been very different for our school community, but I’d like to thank everyone for adapting to the new ways of doing things to help keep our staff and students safe and healthy. 

This month our new Vice Principal, Mme Giles has started here at Norwood. Thank you for showing Mme Giles a warm welcome. 

December is always a busy month and we are finishing up Spirit Week at Norwood. We have loved to see all the school spirit for Grinch Day and your holiday sweaters, socks and masks, and tuques! Tomorrow we finish off the week with a cozy pajama day. 

In preparation for the winter break, we are asking that students bring all their personal belongings home by end of the day tomorrow (Friday, December 18). 

Remote Readiness 

The decision to close schools or move to remote learning for all students would be made by the Ministry of Education or Hamilton Public Health. We have not had any direction that we will be moving to remote learning after the winter break, however if 2020 has taught us that we should prepare for anything. Should there be direction to change from in-person to remote learning after the break, you will be notified by School Messenger and information will be available on the board’s website.  

HWDSB’S COVID-19 Update to Families – December 16th 

The board shared its latest COVID-19 Update to families on their blog on December 16th. Please take some time to review this post for important reminders on how to keep our communities safe from COVID-19.  

Included in this post is information about traveling over the winter break. The guidelines from Public Health are asking families not to travel unless it is essential. If you do travel, Public Health is asking families to follow local guidelines and use the screening tool to monitor for symptoms. If you travel outside of Canada, you and your family will have to self-isolate upon your return for 14 days.  


Remote Learning Transition 

The next transition date between remote and in-person learning will be during the week of February 22, 2021, after report cards go home. There will be a survey available in the Parent Portal January 18th-January 22nd for families to complete to indicate if you would like to switch to either in-person or remote learning. 


French Immersion Registration 

Applications for Grade 1 entry into the French Immersion program are now open! If you have a child who was born in 2015, they will be eligible for the French Immersion Program September 2021. You will need your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) to register, which can be found on their last report card. 

A Grade 1 system-wide application process for entry to French Immersion allows for program placement of students, monitoring of accommodations, balance of enrolment, and long-term stability of the French Immersion program. 


Register for French Immersion 

The deadline for applications is Sunday, January 24th at 11:59pm. 

I’d like to wish all our staff, students and families a relaxing, well deserved break. Stay safe and we will see you in 2021! 


Mme Moules

Updated on Thursday, December 17, 2020.
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