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HWDSB Official Math Practice Tool – Knowledgehook

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TVO Learn mPower | Play Free Online Math Games K-6

TVO Mathify’s Online Tutoring

Students in grades 4 to 11 can now access free online math tutoring with Ontario Certified Teachers through TVO Mathify. The recent addition of grades 4 and 5 makes it possible for all students in grades 4 to 11 to build their math skills and confidence for free through personalized support. By strengthening math foundations and supporting students’ progression through the Ontario math curriculum, TVO Mathify helps unlock greater potential.

Students use the online tutoring service by logging into a free account at TVOMathify.com and uploading a math question from school or choosing a practice question from the Question Bank, which supports the Grade 4-11 Ontario math curriculum. They then securely and anonymously connect to a personalized session with one of TVO Mathify’s tutors, all of whom are Ontario Certified Teachers. The interactive whiteboard and voice/text chat features work seamlessly across any device type to enable easy access to learning support anywhere.

Eligible students in grades 4 to 11 can register anytime for a free TVOMathify.com account using their Ontario Education Number (OEN). Parents and educators can also stay informed with the latest in digital learning support from TVO through the monthly TVO Learn Newsletter.

Updated on Tuesday, May 09, 2023.
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