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Team Kanétskare

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The staff at Kanétskare Elementary School are an energetic, talented and committed group of individuals. Through careful recruitment and selection the school has assembled a staff with excellent qualifications and sound experience. Through ongoing training and development activities staff continually upgrade their qualifications and expertise. This continuous improvement in skills and expertise ensures the delivery of quality education to our students.

Under the leadership of the principal, staff uses a team approach to coordinate teaching. Through a series of committees and staff meetings, staff plan and coordinate their activities and exchange student information.

Kanétskare Elementary School Staff

Office Staff
T. Murphy
G. Veldhuis
T. Danby
M. Silj
Educational Assistants
E. Brown
Child and Youth Care Practitioner-AIM
 T. McGrail
R. Morneau 6A
N. Buttenham 6B-0.8
S. Traver 6B-0.2
A. Comstock/C. Laezza 6C
J. Matthews (S.Traver, M. Overall) 67A
D. Widdup 7A
P. Melki 78A
C. Fazzari 8A
S. Kennelly 8B
A. Farr SQ
J. Durajlija F6A
S. Kerr F6B
F. LeDonne F7A
A. Smith F78A
L. McLean F8A
J. Whitelaw F8B
E. Zacharidis Core French
G. Albertin (C. Laezza-LTO) Core French
M. Hau Music
C. Steel PE&H,D.Lang
A Pant ESL-0.4
A. Stanfield (A. Comstock-LTO) LRT/Lib.
D. Weir LRT


Updated on Friday, December 23, 2022.
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