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Bell Times

8:40 AM - 3:00 PM

French Immersion

French Immersion is available.


EQAO Results


Mark Hopkins - 905-528-7975 | Email


Gerry Smith (Acting) - 905.527.5092 x 2673 | E-mail Gerry Smith (Acting)


Christine Bingham - 289.339.6902 | E-mail Christine Bingham

School Council Chairs

Mrs. Susan Millman

Administrative Office Staff

  • Ms. Tracie Murphy
  • Mrs. Heather Barlow

Our School

Ryerson Middle School is attached to the Ryerson Recreation Centre.  We are a shared facility.  We have access to the recreation pool and the beautiful “AAA” city park located behind the school.

  • The old Ryerson School (1889-1975) was closed and the new Ryerson opened in 1975
  • Ryerson is a dual track school, teaching French Immersion and English.
  • Sagequest, a program of choice, is offered at Ryerson.
  • Many students are new to Canada and receive English as a Second Language support.
  • Ryerson has two special classes, as these identified students receive accommodated academic support.
  • We are proud of our diversity at Ryerson as our school belief statement is “Celebrating Our Differences”

Program & Services

Student Success Supports

  • Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF)
  • Boys’ Book Club
  • Grade 6 Scholars’ Club
  • Mathematics Enrichment Program

Program Highlights

  • Music Instrumental Concerts
  • Summer Literacy Camps
  • GAUSS Mathematics Contest
  • Breakfast and Nutrition Programs


  • School Choir
  • Library Club
  • Social Justice Club
  • Intramural leadership
  • On-line Magazine Club
  • Boys’ Book Club

Before/After School Program or Activities

  • Baseball-Varsity Junior & Senior
  • Volleyball-Varsity Junior & Senior
  • Basketball-Varsity Junior & Senior
  • Track and Field Team
  • Swim Team
  • Cross Country Team
  • Instrumental Bands-Junior, Senior, Jazz
  • Student Council
  • Nutrition Helpers
  • Office Helpers
  • Announcement Helpers
  • Checkers Club
  • Special Lunch Day Helpers
  • Library Helpers
  • Flag Football Team

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

Our focus is literacy and numeracy.  Our teachers work closely as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) with a focus to improve student successes in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  Teachers are in-serviced often and as a school we share teaching strategies and resources.   All staff are using Comprehensive Literacy strategies in teaching literacy.  Modelled, Shared, Guided and Independant reading strategies are a focus when instructing a class.  These strategies offer students the skills needed to become strong independent readers.

Environment Focus

Our school belief statement is “Celebrating Our Differences”.

Character Education is an ongoing process in which staff encourage and reward the right to be safe, respect for others and student responsibility on a daily basis.  The Safe Schools Plan is being reviewed, updated and implemented to ensure the safety for all students and staff.

Parent & Community Involvement


  • Charity Fundraising by our student council supports McMaster Children’s Hospital, UNICEF, Free the Children, Wesley Urban Ministries, and other student selected organizations.
  • Currently we have several community volunteers coaching our varsity school teams.


  • Parents are involved in volunteering in the library, our nutrition program, Home and School Association activities and in the classrooms.
  • Fundraising is done only once in September.  It is a direct donation campaign to the school.
  • Our Home and School Association has been involved in supporting Music Night, Graduation, Meet the Staff evening, Open House, our Spaghetti Dinner in support of our Nutrition Program and our Direct Donation Campaign.
Updated on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.
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