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HWDSB Building

Learning Resources

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The Learning Centre

Learning Resource Centre (LRC) staff work in conjunction with teachers to support differentiated learning in the classroom. The LRC provides students with resources, strategies and support (academic and emotional) for a more personalized approach to effective learning. Our Learning Centre is located in room 18.

The Learning Commons

Our School Library is a bilingual Resource Centre. Books, encyclopedia and various databases are available for staff and staff use. Students are expected to develop a responsible attitude in returning materials within a 3-week period for the use by others. Lost books are charged at a rate of $15.00 for soft-cover and $30.00 for hard-cover books. The school staff plan with the teacher-librarian regularly for student learning on an individual or group basis. Adult and Student Library Assistants are a valuable asset to our library program. The Teacher-Librarian will make a request for volunteers in September. A programme will be established for these helpers to assist regularly in the library.


Updated on Monday, October 17, 2022.
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