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Revised Halloween Activities

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Revised Halloween Activities


Hello Highview Families,

Please see the changes below for our Halloween Celebrations at Highview.

Thursday October 29:

Orange and Black Day

Students can wear clothing that are orange and black.

Friday October 30:

Students can wear costumes to school as per prior years practice (e.g. no weapons, no costume masks that might impede vision, no inappropriate images, etc.).

Students choosing to wear a costume should come to the school already wearing the costume and keep the costume on for the duration of the day.

Student costumes must be able to accommodate a face covering as per COVID requirements.

No costume parades are permitted.

No in-person assemblies are permitted.

No sharing/distribution of food or drink is permitted.

Maintain safe practices including physical distancing and hand hygiene.

Remember to have a Safe and Happy “Howl” o Ween!

Updated on Thursday, October 22, 2020.
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