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Student Health

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If your child has a medical condition, i.e. seizures, asthma, diabetes, allergies, please inform the office and complete a medical emergency form.

Staff will be able to care for your child better if this background information is known. Please keep us up to date.  No medication can be distributed to students unless the office has a signed consent and medical procedures are outlined.  Medication and administration records are kept in a secure place in the school.


The administration of medication to students while at school requires authorization from a doctor.  If there is a need in this regard, please contact the school in advance for the information and forms.  Please let the school know if your child has missed their medication in the morning.  We can avoid many problem situations with a quick phone call ahead of time!

Head Lice

Parents are asked to check their child’s hair on a regular basis for this public health nuisance. The main items to look for are the nits (eggs) which are tiny, pearl-coloured, oval shaped specks located close the base of the hair shaft.  The areas at the base of the neck and around the ears are common areas for nits to be found.  All nits must be removed before a child can be re-admitted to school.  Pediculosis, otherwise known as “head lice”, seems to be a persistent nuisance.

If your child has nits (eggs) or lice, we will discreetly have the child come to the office and contact you to come get him or her.  We will provide you with a letter asking you to treat your child’s hair and remove all nits.  The next day you are requested to bring your child to the office with the signed form, indicating that treatment has occurred.  We will then check your child’s hair to ensure that the nits are removed.

Head lice are a very unpleasant nuisance and the important thing is to get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid further infestation.

Student Injuries

From time to time, accidents occur, and these are assessed by the adults on supervision; action taken as the case is examined.

It is important that current contact numbers and emergency numbers are on file in the office.

In cases of head bumps and serious injury, parents will be contacted.

If immediate attention is required, the principal (or Teacher in Charge) will make the decision whether or not emergency help is needed for an injured child.




Updated on Monday, September 11, 2017.
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