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Highview School Staffing 2020 2021

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Highview School Staffing 2020 2021

Parents and Guardians,

At this time, we would like to say goodbye and thank-you to several staff members who will be leaving Highview as of June 26th! We have appreciated all of their efforts and look forward to hopefully seeing them back at Highview at some point in the future! Thanks and goodbye to the following staff:

  • Mr. Francis (Long Term Occasional Educational Assistant)
  • Ms. Barr (Long Term Occasional Educational Assistant)
  • Ms. Kearse (Long Term Occasional Educational Assistant)
  • Ms. Joshua (Prep Coverage Teacher)
  • Ms. DiDonato (Reading Specialist)
  • Ms. Rioux (Long Term Occasional Teacher Grade 3)
  • Ms. McGuire (Long Term Occasional Teacher JK/SK)
  • Mr. Morrison (Math Facilitator)
  • Mr. Pellizzari (Principal)

Below or click here to see the Highview Staff for 2020/2021:

Highview School Staff 2020-2021 School Year
Staff Member Name: Grade/Role: ROOM:
McLean Principal 101A
TBD Vice-Principal 101B
Ms. R. Bowman Office Administrator 101
Ms. C. Babb Office Assistant 101
Ms. L. Fortman JSA-Teacher 132
Ms. Q. Nguyen JSA-DECE 132
Ms. C. Seager JSB-Teacher 131
Ms. D. Springstead JSB-DECE 131
Ms. D. Stewart (LTO TBD) JSC-Teacher (Maternity Leave) 130
Ms. T. Graydon JSC-DECE 130
Ms. L. Evashkow JSD-Teacher 136
Ms. R. Janiszewski JSD-DECE 136
Ms. L. Walker JSE-Teacher (0.9 FTE) 137
Ms. S. Little JSE-Teacher (0.1 FTE) 137
Ms. M. Sakins 1A 110
Ms. E. Wigood 1B 107
Mr. R. Eathorne 1/2A 203
Ms. L. Toth 2A 109
Ms. K. Pecuh 2/3A 204
Ms. B. Nantais 3A 215
Ms. T. MacLean (LTO) 3B (Maternity Leave) 206
Ms. R. Harvie 3/4A 108
Ms. M. Martin 4A 207
Ms. E. Zablocki 4/5A 108
Ms. R. Kellner 5A 210
Ms. K. Clark 6A 226
Ms. L. Babineau 6B 224
Ms. N. Raspopov 7A 221
Ms. Z. Bell 7B 223
Mr. B. Moore 8A 219
Ms. C. Lewis (Formerly Maciel) 8B 225
Ms. J. Berrafati French/Art Gr. 7-8 218
Ms. C. Muller French: 4-6/PJ Prep 138
Mr. N. Cochrane Prep Coverage PJ 143(Gym)
Ms. S. Little Library 144
Ms. K. Scott Reading Specialist 117(Rsc)
Ms. T. Doyle ESL Teacher Day 2 & 4 144A/B
Ms. M. Pasche Prep Coverage (0.2 FTE) 214
Ms. T. Hallford LRT/LLI 117
Ms. E. Douglas LRT/LLI/Empower(Prep Coverage) 104
Ms. S. Start Ed Assistant 138
Ms. S. DiBartolo Ed Assistant 138
Ms. I. Brunaccioni Ed Assistant 138
Ms. J. Compton Ed Assistant 138
Ms. T. Chiasson Ed Assistant 138
Ms. A. MacDonald Ed Assistant 138
Mr. L. Ivan Head Caretaker 127
Mr. J. Allan Assistant Caretaker 127
Ms. V. Buckland Assistant Caretaker 127


Mr. Pellizzari and Mr. McLean

Updated on Friday, June 26, 2020.
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