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Nora Frances Henderson

Student Services Personnel

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Department Head   Mr. K. Clark

Assistant Department Head    Mrs. S. Melatti

Student Services Administrative Assistant     Mrs. L. Anderson           

Career Studies Teachers

Mr. B. Greig 

Cooperative Education Teachers

Mrs. R. Greaves

Mr.  R. Moon

Lime Ridge Mall Cooperative Education Teacher

Mr. J. Henderson

Learning Commons Staff

Ms. T. Price

Mr. M. McKague

Mrs. Gallant

Mrs. Jarvis

Guidance Counsellors

Mr. K. Clark                             students A-G

Mrs. R. Greaves                      students H-L

Mrs. S. Melatti                        students M-Z

Ms. Mitchell                            ESL Guidance 

Student Success Teacher

Mr. K. Robinson

Updated on Monday, January 28, 2019.
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