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School Council Elections and Constitution

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School councils are governed by the Ontario Regulation 612 which sets out the purpose, membership and election requirements for school councils.  Under section 2 (1),


Every school must have a School Council and members include:

  • Parents (must comprise the majority of the membership)
  • Principal
  • Teacher from the school
  • Student (in high schools with some provisions for student membership in elementary schools)
  • Non-Teaching staff member
  • Community representative(s) appointed by the council
  • Home and School Association representative from the school (if a Home and School Association is a partner at the school)


School Councils have voting members:

  • Chair or Co-Chairs (must be parent members
  • Other possible roles (at the discretion of the Council)
  • Members (see above).  Note: Once voting membership is established, School Council must have quorum to vote.  Quorum is 50% of the voting membership plus one.

School Council Parent Nomination Form

School Council Parent Self-Nomination Form




Updated on Monday, January 30, 2023.
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