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HWDSB Building

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Use the interactive map below to click on classrooms and see what’s inside!


Department Head: Don Thompson    dthompso@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Matt D’Alvise    mdalvise@hwdsb.on.ca

Canadian & World Studies

Department Head: Andrew Cambridge  acambrid@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Theresa Price  thprice@hwdsb.on.ca


Department Head: Dave George  dgeorge@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Allie Jarvis  ajarvis@hwdsb.on.ca


Department Head: Mark McComb  mmccomb@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Katie Terpstra    kterpstr@hwdsb.on.ca

Modern Languages

Department Head: Keira Miyata  kmiyata@hwdsb.on.ca


Department Head: Dan Ciarmoli  dciarmol@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Mike Bosse    mbosse@hwdsb.on.ca


Department Head: Rosanne Greco  rgreco@hwdsb.on.ca

Health & Physical Education

Department Heads: Doug Holmes & Sonia Tiller  dholmes@hwdsb.on.ca      stiller@hwdsb.on.ca


Department Head: Cheryl Graves  cgraves@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Bryan March      bmarch@hwdsb.on.ca


Program: STEM (Science, Geography, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)  kevrobin@hwdsb.on.ca

Student Services

Department Head: Kevin Clark  kclark@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Silvana Melatti  smelatti@hwdsb.on.ca

Learning Resources

Department Head: Lisa Whalen  lwhalen@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Julia Giordano  jgiordan@hwdsb.on.ca

Technological Studies

Department Head: Peter Kraayvanger  pkraayva@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Mike Seiler    mseiler@hwdsb.on.ca

English As A Second Language (ESL)

Department Head: Sandy Mitchell  smitchel@hwdsb.on.ca
Assistant Head: Jana Boglevsky  jboglevs@hwdsb.on.ca

Updated on Monday, August 30, 2021.
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