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Student Services

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Student Services at Nora Frances Henderson

The Student Services Department at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary is the largest and most diverse of the school.  The following areas are included in the department:

  • Career Studies
  • Cooperative Education, including H2O Alternative Coop program
  • Guidance
  • Peer Leadership
  • Student Success
  • System and Henderson Alternative Education programs

Career Studies

The Grade 10 Career Studies course is a .5 credit compulsory course as per the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Students explore postsecondary learning and career options, prepare for managing work and life transitions and learn to focus on their goals through the development of a career plan.  Career Studies is partnered with Grade 10 Civics, also a compulsory .5 credit course.

Cooperative Education

Henderson Cooperative Education provides students with the opportunity to earn credits experientially by performing a variety of course-related tasks in a community placement.  Students report to a placement supervisor and are monitored and evaluated by a Henderson Cooperative Education teacher.  Depending on the Cooperative Education Program, a student may earn multiple credits.

H2O Cooperative Education follows the policies and procedures of all other cooperative education programs but requires a specific application and interview with designated personnel for admission purposes.  Additional System Cooperative Education programs exist throughout HWDSB, e.g., From the Ground Up, Militia, etc.  Interested students should speak to a Henderson Cooperative Education teacher or their Guidance Counsellor for more information.


Guidance Counsellors assist students with both academic and non-academic issues. Academically, counsellors monitor academic progress, counsel students in regards to post-secondary destinations and appropriate course types, oversee post-secondary applications, liaise with administration, classroom teachers, parents/guardians, track graduation requirements (in conjunction with the students), prepare documentation for various learning opportunities, coordinate college and university sessions, etc.  On a personal level, counsellors are available to assist students with social/emotional difficulties.  Where appropriate, counsellors will work with students, families and community agencies in the interest of student wellbeing.

Peer Leadership

Students in the peer leadership course assist a classroom teacher in an area in which the student exhibits strong academic success.  In addition, peer leaders may be called upon to assist in the coordination of school and community events.  A completed application, with references, is required for students wishing to take this course.  More information is available in the guidance office.

Student Success

The Student Success Lead works closely with administration, guidance counsellors, LRTs, alternative education teachers, classroom teachers and families to assist students deemed to be “At Risk” of low credit accumulation (and may not graduate) due to academic, attendance, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.  The in-school Student Success Team collaboratively determines appropriate next steps and works closely with students and families to implement the plan.  Students are tracked and plans are reviewed, and adjusted as necessary, to produce successful outcomes.  The Student Success Lead also works with a variety of students on special projects to ensure the incorporation of Student Voice at Nora Frances Henderson.

Updated on Monday, November 02, 2020.
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