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Secure delivery of unofficial report cards

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Secure delivery of unofficial report cards

We are sending families report cards as secure documents using SchoolMessenger.  

Elementary reports will arrive soon. Secondary school reports have been delayed until February 23. Secondary reports will be distributed by paper next week for in-person learners, and by email for those learning remotely.  Secondary marks are now in the Parent Portal.

When you receive the email about report cards, to see the report card you will need to enter the student’s DATE OF BIRTH in numerals as Month/Day/Year(i.e., MM/DD/YYYY) 

Enter 0 before the single digit. For example, the password for a child born September 23, 2012 is 09/23/2012. For a child born November 5, 2009, the password is 11/05/2009 including the slash between the month and day and year.

This emailed report card is an unofficial document because it is not signed. We plan to provide families with a printed, signed copy laterWe will share more details about this. 

How to contact your school

If you need to contact your school during this process, please email the correct elementary or secondary email address. If you have questions, please call 905-527-5092 or email [email protected].  

Process if you have not received report cards 

  • Sign up for a SchoolMessenger account 
  • Download the SchoolMessenger app or visit go.schoolmessenger.ca. Create an account (using the email address you have on file with your child’s school). Once you are logged in, go to Preferences on the left-hand menu and turn on email for messages. 
  • If unable to sign up for SchoolMessenger, ensure that you are trying this using the email address your child’s school has on file. 
  • Verify that SchoolMessenger has correct information 
  • In SchoolMessenger, verify under Preferences that the service has your correct email address. This is the email address that report cards will be sent to. 

If the report card email does not arrive, check the following: 

  • If you have not received an email, your child’s school may not have your email address. Please contact the school with your email address.  
  • Conversation View: In Gmail, emails can be nested within the same subject line in a conversation view. Check that a missing report card is not hidden this way. 
  • Check Junk Mail: You can search the phrase, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board has prepared a secure document. 
  • Ensure that SchoolMessenger is not a Blocked Sender in your email settings. 

If the email still has not arrived… 

We apologize for the inconvenience and understand your frustration. 

We plan to provide families with a printed, signed copy later. We will share more details about this. 

Updated on Friday, February 19, 2021.
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