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                       HELEN DETWILER STAFF LIST – 2021/2022

Effective October 25, 2021

Grade / Position Staff
FDK Mrs. Evelyn / Mrs. Mioc
FDK Ms. Stainton / Mrs. Hucal
FDK Ms. Bodo (LTO) / Ms. Webb
1 Ms. Boudreau
1 Remote Ms. Duke
1/2 Mrs. McHugh
2 Mrs. Graham
3 Mr.Willett / Ms. Wahoush (LTO)
3 Mr. Whitehorn
3/4 Ms. Holm / Ms. Wahoush (LTO)
4/5 Ms. MacArthur / Ms. Bognar
5/6 Mrs. Strecker
5/6 Mrs. Austin
5/6 Mrs. Zolis
6 Remote Mr. Ayre
6/7 Mrs. Miles
7 Mr. Martin
8 Mrs. Dietrich
8 Mr. Ross (LTO)
8 Remote Mr.Martins
French Mme. Payant
Art/Drama Mrs. Walsh
Remote Prep Mrs. DeRoche
Learning Resource Mrs. Kearney
Learning Resource Mrs. White
Reading Specialist Ms. Kozic
ESL Itinerant Mrs. Flavelle
Educational Assistant Ms. Baldwin
Educational Assistant Ms. Quackenbush
Educational Assistant Mrs. Lewis
Educational Assistant Ms. Siple (LTO)
Educational Assistant Mrs. Kovacs (LTO)
Educational Assistant Mrs. Violaris
Educational Assistant Ms. Brennan
Educational Assistant Ms. Priddle-Guinther
CYCP Mr. Duncan (LTO)
CYCP Ms. Jolink (LTO)
Principal Mr. Ro
Vice Principal Mrs. Laws
Office Administrator Mrs. Orgar
Office Administrator Mrs. Beattie
Head Caretaker Mrs. Dakin
Caretaker Mr. Rhinds
Caretaker Mr. Chavez
Caretaker Mr. Giannotti
Caretaker Mr. Orozco



Updated on Monday, February 28, 2022.
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