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                       HELEN DETWILER STAFF LIST – 2023/2024

Effective September 2023

Grade / Position Staff
FDKA Mrs. Evelyn /  Mr. Blanche (DECE)
FDKB Ms. Stainton / Mrs. Hucal (DECE)
FDKC Ms. Azzopardi (LTO) / Ms. Webb (DECE)
FDKD Ms. Augustine (Day 1-3 & 5) / Ms. Sampson (Day 4) / Mrs. Mioc (DECE)
1 Mrs. Graham
1/2A Mrs. Boudreau
1/2B Ms. Trieu
2/3A Ms. Lewis
2/3B Mr. Whitehorn
3A Mrs. Walsh
3/4A Mrs. Austin
4/5A Ms. McHugh
4/5B Mr. Lane / Ms. Danyal (LTO)
5/6A Mr. Martins
5/6B Mrs. Zolis
5/6C Mr. Martin
7A Ms. Lolua (LTO)
7/8A Mrs. Miles
7/8B Mrs. Smith
7/8C Mrs. Dietrich
French Mme. Payant
Music Mr. Willett
Learning Resource/Library Mrs. Saccomano
Learning Resource Mrs. White
Reading Specialist Ms. Zablocki
ESL Itinerant Mr. Holohan
Phys Ed/Health Mr. Lane
Educational Assistant Ms. Baldwin
Educational Assistant Ms. Brennan
Educational Assistant Mrs. Lewis
Educational Assistant Mr. McNeice
Educational Assistant Ms. Quackenbush
Educational Assistant Ms. Nahimana
Educational Assistant Ms. Daggupati
CYCP Mrs. Kelly
Student Success Ms. Toth
Prep Coverage Ms. Bodo
Prep Coverage Ms. Sampson
Social Worker Ms. Vasil
Principal Mr. Ro
Vice Principal Mrs. Laws
Office Administrator Mrs. Lane
Office Assistant Mrs. Smith
Head Caretaker Mr. D’Ambrosio
Caretaker Mr. Chavez
Caretaker Mr. Gianotti
Caretaker Mr. Orozo-Torres
Caretaker Mr. Rhinds



Updated on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.
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