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Helen Detwiler


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                       HELEN DETWILER STAFF LIST – 2019/20

FDK Ms. Reid/ Mrs. Mioc
FDK Mrs. White/Mrs. Hucal
FDK Mrs. Stainton/Mrs. Webb
1 Mrs. Kearney
1 Ms. McHugh
1 Mrs. Boudreau
2 Mrs. Graham
2 Mrs. Duke
2/3 Mrs. D’Amico
3 Mrs. Walsh
3/4 Mr. Schiavo
4 Mr. Whitehorn
4 Mrs. Austin
5 & Phys-Ed Mr. Ho
5 Mrs. Workman
5/6 Mrs. Zolis
6 Mrs. Miles
6 Mme. Payant
7 Mr. Burgio
Mr. Martin
8 Mrs. Smith
8 Mrs. Dietrich
Art Ms. Leonetti
Music Mr. Willett
 Phys-Ed Mrs. Kowamoto
Learning Resource Ms. Bishop
Learning Resource/Primary Prep Ms. Campanella
Reading Specialist Ms. Roppel
CYW Mrs. Kelly
Educational Assistant Mrs. Noonan
Educational Assistant Mrs. Johnston 
Educational Assistant Ms. Baldwin
Educational Assistant Ms. Sahib
Educational Assistant Ms. Lewis
Principal Mr. Azzopardi
Vice Principal Ms. Francis
Office Administrator Mrs. Orgar
Office Administrator Mrs. Potts
Head Caretaker Mrs. L’Abbe




Updated on Friday, January 31, 2020.
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