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HWDSB Building

Code of Conduct

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Helen Detwiler Code of Conduct

I come to school, prepared to learn:
● with a positive attitude
● on time and regularly
● with all assignments completed to the best of my abilities
● and I follow all school rules regarding electronic devices

I show respect for others and their:
● race, culture, religion, gender, ethnicity, abilities
● rights, feelings and ideas
● personal space and safety
● property
● food

I speak and listen politely by using:
● appropriate tone of voice
● appropriate facial expressions
● appropriate body language and listening in turn
I follow promptly all school rules and routines:
● in class ∙ in the hallway
● in the office ∙ in the gym
● on the field ∙ in the library
● on school trips ∙ in the washroom

I solve problems peacefully:
● by using my words
● by seeking help from a caring adult

Updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.
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