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HWDSB Building

Secondary School Emails

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Secondary School

School Email

Ancaster High ancasterhigh@hwdsb.on.ca
Bernie Custis berniecustis@hwdsb.on.ca
Dundas Valley dundasvalley@hwdsb.on.ca
Glendale glendale@hwdsb.on.ca
Nora Henderson henderson@hwdsb.on.ca
Orchard Park orchardpark@hwdsb.on.ca
Saltfleet saltfleet@hwdsb.on.ca
Sherwood sherwood@hwdsb.on.ca
Sir Allan MacNab sirallanmacnab@hwdsb.on.ca
Sir Winston Churchill sirwinstonchurchill@hwdsb.on.ca
Waterdown waterdown@hwdsb.on.ca
Westdale westdale@hwdsb.on.ca
Westmount westmount@hwdsb.on.ca
Updated on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.
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