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Volunteers needed to Complete the 2018

CPHSmeetingMay30 Minutes




January Minutes2018_01_31

CP SC-H&S Agenda2018_03_28

CP SC-H&S Agenda2018_01_31

CP SC-H&S Minutes2017_11_29draft

CP Agenda2017_11_29

CP SC-H&S Minutes2017_09_27final

CP SC-H&S Minutes2017_09_27financials

CP SC-H&S Draft Minutes2017_09_27final

CP SC-H&S Draft Minutes2017_09_27financials

CP SC-H&S Principal-Sept 2017

CP School Council Agenda2017_09_27

Pizza – Pita Form 2017

Pita Pit order form 2017

CP movie night Sept 21

Home & School Welcome letter 2017

Pita_and_Pizza_Form_for_STUDENTS Mar-June (2).2017

Pita Pit order form 2017

January 2017 volunteer H&S newsletter




Sept H&S SC newsletter

Pita Pit order form 2016
Parent Meeting Agenda Package – 1 June 2016
Apr 11 Dress Code – Final
Parent Meeting Agenda Package – 30 March 2016
February 2016 newsletter
Parent Meeting Agenda Package – 27 Jan 2016
Parent Meeting Agenda Package – 25 Nov 2015
H&S November volunteer newsletter
The next Parent Council / Home & School meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 25 at 7 p.m. in the library. Babysitting is provided. All parents / caregivers are welcome to join us.
Lunch clubs begin next week.  Announcements will be made to remind students to attend.
Students are selected by lottery and can join 1 club only.  Club days are as follows:
Monday NB1 Dodge Ball
Tuesday NB1 Lego
Tuesday NB2 Science
Wednesday NB1 Crafts
Wednesday NB2 Checkers
Thursday NB1 Floor Hockey
Friday NB1 Board Games
Tuesday Handbell Choir
Day 2 Choir Gr. 1 2NB
Day 3 Choir Gr. 4/5 1NB
Day 4 Choir Gr. 2/3 1NB

Parent Meeting Minutes – 23 Sept 2015

night hike 2015

September 2015 H&S SAC newsletter

Home and School Council Nomination Form 2015

Home and School Council Parent Self-Nomination Form 2015

Parent Meeting Agenda Package – 23 Sept 2015

Agenda for June 3, 2015 Parent Meeting

June 2015 H&S SAC newsletter

April 2015 H&S SAC newsletter

Jan 2015 H&S SAC newsletter

A big thanks to all parents and staff who contributed to our Winter Concert Bake Sale. The goodies were absolutely delicious and our sale was a great success, raising $455. Special thanks to Jennifer Gautrey, Ewa Oleksiak, Helena, Hannah, Rachel and Rose. Happy Holidays from the Cootes Paradise Home & School!

The North Hamilton Community Health Centre is a medical and community hub in the North End of the city that works to address the health care needs of community members based on the broad social determinants of health framework. This means that in addition to providing health care through traditional streams such as nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, social workers, etc, we also provide community programs with the goal of further reducing obstacles to good health for community members.NHCHC’s longest running program is the Children’s Breakfast Club. Each school day, students attending St. Lawrence and Bennetto Elementary Schools in the North End are invited to Breakfast Club where they can have a hot breakfast, plus cereal, fruit, juice and milk in an effort to ensure that their day gets off to a healthy start and that empty tummies do not prevent students from reaching their full potential in the classroom. In addition to breakfast, students also have an opportunity to play games, do crafts, and receive homework help from devoted, caring volunteers. Each week our club serves approximately 400 meals to children and families in the North End community.
Once again this winter, the North Hamilton Community Health Centre’s Breakfast Club was entirely overwhelmed by the generosity of Cootes Paradise School families! The food drive that your school held this holiday season will provide almost all of the non-perishable goods that we need to continue our program for the next 6 months. Did you know that you donated enough cereal to fill 840 bowls? Incredible! You cannot imagine the difference that your support makes to our Club and our students. We are so grateful and cannot thank you enough for your hard work and generosity.
In addition to your support of our Breakfast Club, Cootes Paradise families also contributed to the overwhelming success of our Holiday Families Program again this season. This week, our staff will be dropping off the toys you donated to 25 needy families in our community. We wish we had the words to convey to you the relief you have brought to so many parents and the joy you will bring to so many children. Your generosity is remarkable.
Your school has chosen to make such a positive difference in the lives of so many this holiday season and we hope that you understand how grateful we are for your continued compassion, generosity and support.
Thank you and Happy Holiday, Monica Palkowski
Community Development Worker, North Hamilton Community Health Centre


Dec 2014 H&S newsletter


Agenda and Minutes for 3-Dec-2014 Parent Meeting


This page is dedicated to the electronic distribution of the Home & School and School Council newsletters and information updates.  Please check back regularly for additional entries.

September Home & School Newsletter


To ensure that you regularly receive Home & School updates and information, please open the file below, complete, and return to your child’s teacher.  There is also an email contact embedded within the file for you to directly email information.

Home & School Email Contact Letter (beginning of year 2014-15)

Updated on Monday, November 05, 2018.
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