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Email Protocol

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It is our desire at Ancaster Meadow to maintain open communication with parents. Towards this end, teachers use a variety of ways to communicate with parents, which may include some of the following:

  • Agendas
  • Personal notes
  • Progress reports
  • Parent/teacher/student conferences
  • Report cards
  • Telephone calls
  • Student Reflection Sheets
  • Classroom Behavioural Reports

In order to help parents have easy access to communicate with teachers, we are posting each teacher’s preferred means of communication on the school website.

In order to ensure that our communications are positive and productive, we ask parents to honour the following:

  • Keep communications focused on your child only.
  • Please understand that email responses from teachers may be short due to time constraints, but that teachers will remain open to discuss issues further via telephone or a pre-arranged parent conference. (Please do not show up without an appointment as this is very difficult to accommodate because of teaching schedules and meetings before/after school.)
  • Please understand that teachers may need a day or two to respond to emails as schedules are very busy at school, and the answer may involve conferencing with other teachers who may have valuable input.
  • Teachers may ask to meet with parents rather than communicate through email as some issues can be sensitive and it is easy to misunderstand a written message.
  • The focus of communications should be to advance student progress either academically or socially and should never contain negative comments about any individual.
  • Please now contact your child’s teacher directly instead of going through the webmaster.
  • Any concerns around classroom issues, or serious behavioural concerns should also be addressed to the Principal and/or Vice Principal to ensure a quick and positive outcome.
Updated on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.
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