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Cell Phone/Tech Policy

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At Ancaster Meadow, we recognize that the use of cell phones and other technology is part of everyday life. We are focused on promoting, modelling, and educating students about the responsible use of devices, and on maintaining a high level of digital citizenship for all. Please refer to the link below for more specific responsibilities for all stakeholders (staff, students, families, community).

Please have discussions with your child(ren) about the Code of Conduct and that appropriate behaviour is the expectation both in the physical world and the virtual world. The main issues that students might be reminded about are:

  • taking pictures of others without their consent
  • sharing pictures of others without their consent
  • sharing pictures with added captions/voice overs/implications that cause harm (with or without intent)
  • using any language or image/video that impacts the dignity, rights, and privacy of others
  • using any language or image/video that discriminates against others or is oppressive of others
  • absolutely no use of digital devices in washrooms or change rooms
  • any other actions that are inappropriate or cause harm to self/others

It’s important for students to know what to do if they are experiencing trouble. The three key points we encourage are:

  1. Ignore (do not respond or contribute digitally)
  2. Block (remove access or leave a group chat)
  3. Report (tell a caring adult)

A reminder also that device use during class time is at the direction of the educator, as with all learning tools and materials.

We know that students also carry devices for safety/medical reasons. Please contact the office if you need to reach your child throughout the instructional day. If your child needs to contact you throughout the day, they are able to come to the office at any point to make the phone call.

HWDSB’s Responsible Use of Digital Technology Procedure

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in keeping our children safe.


K. Dunford

Updated on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.
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