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Norwood Park


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Norwood Park Staff 2017-2018

Mme Huffman 1A
Mme Collins 1B
Mme DeWolfe 1C
Mme Anderson Smit 1D
Mme Margariti 1E
Mme Bernal 2A
Mme Wood-Martin 2B
Mlle Long 3/4 Split
Mme Lardi (LTO for Mme MacLean) 3A
Mme Thompson 3B
Mme Schilthuis 3C
Mme Amoah 3/4 Split
Mme Franca (LTO for Mme Amodeo) 4A
Mme Newman 4B
Mme Salciunas 5A
Mme Hempseed 5B
M Schneiderman 5/6 Split
Mme El-Dorra 6A & LRT
Mlle Lofthouse 6A & Primary Art
M Ouedraogo (LTO for Mlle Higgins) 6/7 Split
Mme Gordon 7A
Mme Vrgoc 7/8 Split
Mme Dube 8A
Mme Chiaravalle Core English
Mme Pugliese Core English
M Lemmond Core English
Mme Lane Core English/Gym
Mme Bianchi LRT
Mme Bodner Music/Core English/Drama
Mme McCue Core English for 1E
Mme Besser EA
Mme Jubani EA
M Bowker Head Caretaker
M Grandits Assistant Caretaker
Mme Pond Assistant Caretaker
Mme Russell Office Administrator
Mme Beattie Office Administrator
M Hazell Temporary Principal
Mme Evans Vice Principal


Updated on Thursday, May 10, 2018.
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