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Last updated on Thursday, October 13, 2016.

Changes to the Volunteer Process (effective January 1st, 2016):

New Volunteers! 
James MacDonald is very fortunate to have a large group of volunteers supporting students and extending the learning that occurs within the school.  The HWDSB has put a new policy in place that requires volunteers to update their information each year they wish to volunteer before they begin volunteering.

•  All new volunteers will need to provide the school with a current (within 1 year of issue of issue) Vulnerable Sectors Police check. This will need to be completed every three years. 
•  All new volunteers will need to submit a completed Volunteer Information Sheet and participate a brief interview to learn about school procedures.
•  All volunteers will have to sign an Offense Declaration in years that a new Vulnerable Sector screen is not required (years 2 and 3 of their current Vulnerable Sector Screening.
•  All volunteers will have to sign a Volunteer Agreement every year.
•  All volunteer drivers will have to complete a Volunteer Driver Agreement every year.

While this new policy requires the school and the volunteers to do a little more work at the beginning, it is intended to ensure that our students are provided with a safe learning environment.  We value our students’ safety too much to take short cuts!

If you have any questions, or if would like to renew your volunteer status for this year, please contact Mrs. Baker, our school office administrator, at the school office (905) 385-3267.  Fillable application forms can be found online at the bottom of this page.

For those parents who have completed the paperwork and have their Vulnerable Sector Screening complete, please contact Mrs. Baker to set up a brief meeting with Mr. Williamson.

Returning Volunteers!
Welcome Back to all our returning Volunteers!

There has been a change with our Police Check Policy.  All Police Checks are only valid for 3 years, if you have a Police Check that is older than 3 years, a renewal is required.  All volunteers must have a Police Check to attend any field trips.  For any new Parents/Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles/Caregivers interested in volunteering, you can find a volunteer package at the office, or you can download and print the forms below.  Once you have all the forms completed, please bring them into the school for a brief orientation meeting.  From there, we will do our best to get you placed.

Police checks can be completed at the Hamilton Police Services main station at 155 King William Street or online at www.policesolutions.ca/checks/services/hamilton/.  To help get you started, this link will take you to the HPS Vulnerable Sector Screening Application form.  Once you have received your Police Check, come into the school for a visit where the information will then be recorded and the Police Check itself will be returned back to you.  If you are not sure whether you need to update your Police Check please feel free to email me and I will check for you.


Volunteer Information Sheet   (if you’re new to the school)

School Volunteer Agreement  (bring to the meeting with the Principal)

Offence Declaration Form  (if you currently have a valid Police Check and you plan on volunteering)