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James Macdonald

School Council

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Councils are bodies that were legislated into existence in 1997, via the Education Quality Improvement Act. The main purpose of school councils are to create a forum for parents, teachers, and principals (as well as other learning community members) to communicate and share information. It is intended that School Councils act as a parent/community advisory body to principals and school boards.

School Council Information

Chairs:  Lori Cherwaty & Hannah Poon
Treasurer:  Stephanie Lostanaw-Lavin
Secretary:  Carolyn Reid
Teacher Representative:  Amanda Vernon
Non-Teaching Representative:  TBD
Gourley Park Representatives:  Randy Chapple & Karen Marcoux
Principal:  Rob Maudsley & John Leyzer


School Council  (Meeting Minutes)



Updated on Monday, November 19, 2018.
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