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Janet Lee

School Council

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Welcome to School Councils: An Open Invitation

At Janet Lee Elementary School, we believe that education is a shared responsibility between the home, the school and the community.  Supportive parents, caring educators and active community members are partners in education working together for the benefit of children.

We welcome and encourage the participation of our partners in education in our schools and on our School Council.

What is School Council?

School Council is an important part of Janet Lee Elementary.  It provides a forum through which members can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance.   Our council is made up of elected parents and Principal Susanna Costa-Popovich.

Working in an advisory capacity, we provide input and make recommendations to the school Principal on a wide range of topics.  Examples of areas that may require consultation with School Council includes provincial test results, student code of conduct and parental involvement, and student safety.

Social Sub-Committee

New this school year, we have created a social committee that will be working in conjunction with School Council on initiatives such as the winter clothing drive, movie nights and the fun fair.  This group meets after school hours, usually off-site for a coffee to help plan, promote and execute these community driven events.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in attending our monthly School Council meetings and/or you are interested in joining the social committee, please email janetleeschoolcouncil@hotmail.com 

2019 – 2020 Members

Co-Chairs:  Nicole Jones, Amanda Cowden

Treasurer:  Nicole Jones

Secretary:  Laura Keddie

Together, we can help make our school and community even better!

Nicole Jones/Amanda Cowden
Parent Council  Co-Chairs


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Updated on Tuesday, March 03, 2020.
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