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Navigating Cyberbullying and Cyberviolence Webinars

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Navigating Cyberbullying and Cyberviolence Webinars

Highview Parents and Guardians,

At this time, more than ever, online safety is of the utmost importance for all of our students. Please consider signing up to view the following Cyberbullying and Cyberviolence Webinars for Parents & Guardians…..There are two webinars available, one for parents of students in grades 3-6, and one for parents of students in grades 7-12. Please see the descriptions below.

Grades 3-6 webinars: June 2 and 4. Guest speaker, Paul Davis, will assist parents/guardians and school leaders to: understand the rules for online safety; define responsible use of technology; and learn about digital trails, cyberbullying, picture taking and sharing. 

Grades 7-12 webinars: June 9 and 11. Guest speakers from the field of cyber safety will advise parents/guardians and school leaders on: navigating the risks of cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, and cyberviolence; building healthy online relationships and safe spaces for students; and using the internet for positive purposes.

Please note that these webinars are provided through “The Healthy Relationships Project (HR)” which is a project designed to provide principals and vice-principals with strategies in response to cyberbullying and cyberviolence in schools and social media across the province. Resources have been developed by the provincial principals’ associations, Principal Association Projects (PAP), Leadership en action (LEA), and Catholic Principals’ Leadership Development | Ontario (CPLDO), in partnership with Victim Services Toronto (VST). Both these webinars reflect the priorities of the Safe and Healthy Schools Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Education which funds the Healthy Relationship project.

Flyer-Parents_School Leaders_Gr7-12_June 9&11-Cyber_Safety-Registration

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Mr. Pellizzari and Mr. McLean

Updated on Monday, June 01, 2020.
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