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Mid December Updates

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Mid December Updates

With the winter break fast approaching, we have many fun events happening at the school next week. Please see below for the details. Just a reminder that our winter break is December 26th – January 6th. Students first day back to school will be Monday January 9th. We wish our Helen Detwiler Families an enjoyable and restful winter hoidays!

Holiday Spirit Week (Dec. 19th – 23rd)

During December 19th – 23rd, we will be having a school wide spirit week. Each day will be focused on showing school spirit in fun and different ways as we lead up to the winter holidays. Please click on the link for more details: Holiday Spirit Week

Joy Day (Dec. 21st)

Wednesday December 21st will be Joy Day at Helen Detwiler! Classes will be participating in fun activities, games, crafts etc. throughout the day.

Special Event Day (Dec. 23rd)

Friday December 23rd is designated as a Special Event Day. Sweet Treats are welcome!

Middle School Winter Dance (Dec. 23rd)

Student Council is planning a Middle School winter dance for grades 6 – 8 students during Friday afternoon on December 23rd. They will be selling snacks and refreshments during the dance.


Updated on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.
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