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Earl Kitchener

Catchment Area

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The verbal descriptions below are approximate and given for your convenience only. Please check with the school (kitchene@hwdsb.on.ca or 905-528-0223) to confirm whether or not a specific residence falls within the school’s boundaries.

The Earl Kitchener catchment area for English-track students is from Highway 403 at a point east of Longwood Rd. S.; northeast along Highway 403 to the middle of Main St. W.; east along Main St. W. to the middle of Queen St. S.; south along Queen St. S. to the base of the escarpment; west along the escarpment to a point west of Beddoe Dr.; northeast to a point east of the intersection of Longwood Rd. S. and Aberdeen Ave.; north to Highway 403.

The Earl Kitchener catchment area for French Immersion students includes all of the above area, but extends much further east: the eastern boundary is the middle of Wentworth St. S. instead of Queen St. S.


Updated on Thursday, May 15, 2014.
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