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Bell Times

9:10 AM - 3:30 PM


Greg Moore - 905-388-5833 | Email


Paul Zadvorny | Email


Lindsay Snell - 905.527.5092 x 2626 | E-mail Lindsay Snell


Becky Buck - 905.515.2367 | E-mail Becky Buck

School Council Chairs

  • Cindy Stewart/Jamie Pepper(Co-Chairs)
  •  (Vice Chair)

Administrative Office Staff

  • Raquel Zinkewich
  • Monica LeHoux

Our School

Chedoke School draws students from a broad area of the West Mountain, specifically the area bounded by the escarpment at the western upper city limits; east along the escarpment to a point west of West 5th St.; south to the middle of Fennel Ave. West; west to the middle of Garth St.; south to the Lincoln Alexander (Red Hill Creek) Expressway; west on the Expressway to the middle of Upper Paradise Rd.; south to a point north of Rymal Rd. W.; and west to the city limits, north along the city limits to the escarpment.

The school population is approximately 600 students. Students from Holbrook School and Mountview School attend Chedoke when they enter grade seven.

Chedoke School serves a large community reflecting broad socioeconomic and ethno cultural diversity, with English however, being the predominant language spoken by families. There are many English Language Learners students who are integrated into regular classes and receiving additional support in English, provided by our ESL teachers.

Chedoke consists of a cross-section of a variety of different families: single family homeowners; subsidized housing; apartment and home rental units; and we receive students on a short term basis from a local shelter and from Lynwood Hall Children’s Centre.

The 2015-2016 school year organization consists of: 5 FDK Classrooms; 7- Gr. 1-3 Primary Classes; 5 – Gr. 4-6 Junior Classes, 7 – Gr. 7-8 Intermediate Classes; and 2 – Comprehensive Special Education Classes (24 students in total). Within our regular classes are a number of Identified Exceptional students who are serviced within classrooms by our Learning Resource Team as well as many specific interventions targeted at students in Junior Kindergarten to grade 2 (Empower!, LLI, KKLIC, Class Act).

Our school day is organized as a Balanced Day where students receive 3 large blocks of instruction and 2 nutrition/recess breaks of 40 minutes each.

Programs & Services

Student Success Supports

  • Focus of inclusion and the guiding principles of “Learning for All”
  • In class support for exceptional and non-exceptional students
  • Specific, targeted, tiered intervention (target group is JK-2)
  • 1:1 support for students with specific needs
  • Coaching of staff to support differentiated instruction
  • Small group instruction in the classroom by the classroom teacher, additional small group instruction by a learning resource teacher when required
  • Integrated use of Assistive Technology
  • Building of teacher capacity regarding students with special needs through the sharing of current research and best practice
  • Use of standardized assessment tools to determine individual students strengths and needs
  • Regular and on-going communications with feeder schools and high schools to ensure smooth transitions
  • On-going home/school communication through in-school and system resource meetings
  • Daily healthy snack program for all students
  • Life Skills programming for our Self Contained Special Classes

Program Highlights

  • ELL Support in the classroom
  • Empower Reading Intervention Program (Sick Kid’s Hospital)
  • Reading Intervention (LLI, Class Act)
  • Use of Technology throughout the program including use of Assistive Technology
  • Strings Program
  • Full Day Early Learning Program in Junior and Senior Kindergarten
  • KLLIC Program (Phonemic Awareness in Kindergarten)
  • Before Care / After Care
  • Regular Study Hall Opportunities for students during the Nutrition Breaks
  • Pre-Service Teachers from several Colleges of Education
  • Neighbour to Neighbour Literacy Volunteers (Primary)
  • Positive Action – Character Building


  • Gr. 1-8 Intramurals (various activities throughout the year)
  • Boys Reading Clubs
  • Girls Club
  • GO Girls
  • Yearbook Club
  • Band
  • Forest Of Reading (book clubs)
  • Student Leadership Council
  • Student Community Involvement (Announcements, Classroom Monitors, student buddies, School Helpers, etc.)
  • Parent run lunchtime clubs including: knitting, card making, sign language etc.

Before/After School Program or Activities

  • Girls and Boys Basketball Teams (Junior & Senior)
  • Girls and Boys Volleyball Teams (Junior & Senior)
  • Girls and Boys Softball Teams (Junior & Senior)
  • Soccer Teams (Junior & Senior)
  • Cross Country Teams (Primary, Junior & Intermediate)
  • Track and Field Teams (Junior & Intermediate)
  • Swim Teams (Junior & Intermediate)
  • Gr. 7 & 8 Flag Football Teams
  • Band

Our School Plan

Overall School Focus:

Learning is deepened through authentic, relevant and meaningful student inquiry.

At the School:

  • Teaching and learning strategies support student inquiry.
  • Explicit teaching of concepts, processes and skills within inquiry supports students’ learning using various means

In the Classroom:

  • Students are engaged in exploring real-world situations/issues and solving authentic problems.
  • Planned, purposeful, accountable talk is being promoted in all divisions as teachers provide students with questioning prompts and sentence stems.


  • Identify authentic problems and pose significant questions for investigations across all curriculum areas.
  • Demonstrate curiosity and a positive and productive disposition to learning.
  • Take risks to share works in progress (ideas, solutions, strategies) in order to test hypotheses, obtain feedback and suggestions from peers and teachers.

Environment Focus

Chedoke is a safe and welcoming place to learn:

  • Student Leadership Council
  • KEWL Kids – lessons, assemblies, vouchers, awards
  • Caring Kids
  • Girls Club
  • GO Girls
  • Athletics (competitive and intra-mural)
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mentors
  • Grade 6-8 Community Involvement within the school
  • Roots of Empathy
  • Winit Awards Program
  • Walk-in Closet
  • Study Halls
  • Nutrition Program
  • Special Lunches (Pizza, Hot Lunch, Frozen Yogurt)
  • Community Outreach: Neighbour to Neighbour; Canadian Cancer Society
  • Terry Fox Run

Parent & Community Involvement


  • Neighbour to Neighbour
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Co-op students from local high schools
  • Mohawk College – Placements of Student Educational Assistants and Child and Youth Workers
  • Hamilton Police Department
  • Partners in Nutrition
  • Terryberry Library


We have an active School Council with the goal this year of increased parental involvement through parent engagement and student engagement.

Parents volunteer as “class parents” to communicate information effectively, they volunteer in classrooms, run lunchtime interest clubs (e.g. sign language, card making, knitting, etc.) help with the library, assist with our walk-in closet, help supervise class and school trips, coach and transport sports teams, support the school nutrition program and organize and run various fundraising initiatives. The focus for fundraising is to continue to add technology into every classroom (laptops, SmartBoards, Projectors), and continue to supplement literacy and numeracy materials.

Updated on Friday, November 17, 2023.
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