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Billy Green

Invitation to Consultation- We All Count: HWDSB Student Census 2021

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Invitation to Consultation- We All Count: HWDSB Student Census 2021

Invitation to Consultation- We All Count: HWDSB Student Census 2021

HWDSB is committed to identifying and addressing education inequities at all levels. A critical step to ensuring equity is to gain a clearer understanding of who our students are and of their school experiences. As part of the HWDSB Equity Action Plan, HWDSB will be collecting voluntary identity-based student data in April 2021 through the- We All Count: HWDSB Student Census project.

Creating a consistent approach to collecting and analyzing identity-based data will help HWDSB to be able to identify where systemic barriers exist, and to determine how to eliminate discriminatory biases to support equity, student achievement and well-being through evidence-informed decision making.
The following consultation sessions are planned to get feedback from students. Please register with the group that applies to you.

1. Student Trustees and Student Senate: February 3, 2021, 5-7pm
2. Indigenous students February 16, 2021, 5-7 PM
3. Black, racialized and students who identify as a member of groups that commonly experience discrimination due to race, ancestry, religion or place of origin: February 10, 2021, 5-7pm
4. Two-spirit and LGBTQIA+ students: February 11, 2021, 5-7pm

All student attendees will receive a $25 gift card as a token of appreciation.

The consultation will be conducted virtually through MS Teams. After you register, we will send you the link to attend the meeting. In this consultation, you will:
– Learn about We All Count: HWDSB Student census: What is it? Why are we doing it? How are we doing it? Who is involved?
– Review the plan and each draft survey question and provide your feedback to ensure clarity, consistency, privacy and confidentiality.
– Share any concerns and barriers to participation by students and families

Email us at census@hwdsb.on.ca to register.

Thank you for your participation,

We All Count: Student Census Working Committee

Updated on Friday, January 29, 2021.
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