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HWDSB Building


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Billy Green Staff 2023/24

Principal Ms. M. Wilson
Office Administrator Mrs. R. Bowman
Office Assistant Mrs. G. Hyatt
JSA Mrs. K. Dawson & Mrs. J. Anderson
JSB Mrs. T. Starr & Mrs. T. McCrory
JSC Mrs. J. Voth & Miss D. Lewis
1A Mrs. K. DiCecca
1/2A Mrs. P. Mitchell
2A Mrs. K. Rusan
2/3A Mrs. J. Cammisoli
3A Mrs. L. Barr
4A Mrs. J. Palmer
4/5A Mrs. D. Ott
5A Mr. J. Forrest
5/6A Mrs. C. Lubertino
6A Mrs. M. Tremain
67A Ms. K. Rodic
7A Mr. J. Greenway
7/8A Mr. G. Soltesz
8A Mrs. M. Begley
Music Mr. B. Ingrassia
Library/Arts Mrs. L. Miller-Boyes
Rotary Teacher Ms. R. Bodo
French Mme. G. Volpe
Mr. M. Mace
LRT Mrs. K. Purves
Educational Assistant Mrs. H. Ahmed
Educational Assistant Mr. B. Heaney
Educational Assistant Mrs. L. Kazlovskis
Educational Assistant Mrs. C. O’Sullivan
Educational Assistant Ms. B. Patterson
Educational Assistant Mrs. R. Ranjith
CYCP Ms. M. Assaf
Head Caretaker Mr. T. Gaglione
Caretaker – pm Mr. C. Toth
Mrs. K. DeLeeuw



Updated on Friday, September 22, 2023.
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