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Richard Beasley


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Name Assignment Room
 Bertozzi, Ms. T.  YMCA School-Aged Child Care Program  3C
 Allen, Mrs. K.  Junior/Senior Kindergarten  Room 1
 Carey, Ms. J.  Grade Two  4D
 Sybliss, Ms. T.  Grade 3/4  3B
 Pretto, Ms. C.  Designated Early Childhood Educator  Room 1 & 2
 DaSilva, Ms. D.  Designated Early Childhood Educator  Room 1 & 2
 Filip, Mrs. C.  Grade One/Two  3D
 McDonald, Mrs. J.  Office Administrator  Office
 Huurman, Mrs. L.  Grade One/Two  Room 5
 Machida, Ms. R.  Grade Four/Five  Room 6
 TBA  Assistant Caretaker  Caretaker’s  Office
 Mostacci, Ms. R.  Learning Resource Teacher  4A
 Ostaszewicz, Mrs. S.  Educational Assistant  3A
 Price, Mr. T.  Physical Education / Library / Music  Library/Gym
 Rasmussen, Ms. J.  Educational Assistant  Room 1 & 2
 Ronalds-Potts, Mr. N.  Grade Three  4C
 Schlect, Mr. R.  Caretaker  Caretaker’s Office
 Thorne, Mr. D.  Principal  Office
 Ms. A. Tessaro  Grade Four/Five  3A
 Turner, Mrs. C.  Senior Kindergarten  Room 2
 Wolf, Mme. T.  French  4B
Updated on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.
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