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Richard Beasley


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Name Assignment Room
Allen, Mrs. K. Full Day Kindergarten 107
Fennell, Ms. L. Full Day Kindergarten 108
Woodward, Mrs. J. Full Day Kindergarten 125D
Hunter, Ms. E (LTO) Designated Early Childhood Education 107
O’Brien, Ms. A. Designated Early Childhood Education 108
Leier, Ms. J. Grade 1 129
Sabourin, Mrs. A Grades 2/3 128D
Robb, Mrs. H. Grade 3 128B
Slattery, Mrs. M. Grade 4  121
Rodriguez, Mr. L. Grade 5 125C
Pessoa, Mrs. I. Learning Resource Teacher 124
Wolf, Ms. T. French / Physical Education / The Arts 128E
 Tudor, Mr. A. (0.5) Physical Education / Library 125B
 Sunnucks, Mr. C. (0.2) Prep 125B
Babineau, Mrs. C. Educational Assistant 108
 McNeil, Ms. A. Educational Assistant 107
Addezi, Ms. S. (LTO) Educational Assistant
Lutterotti, Ms. B. (0.5) Educational Assistant 129
Westenberg, Mrs. J. Educational Assistant 128B
Roppel, Ms. L. (0.5) Reading Specialist 128E
MacPherson, Ms. H. Head Caretaker (Daytime) 116
D’Eon-Weis, Mrs. C. Caretaker (Afternoon/Evening) 116
Corbin Harper, Mrs. J. Principal 103
Roketta, Ms. T. (LTO) Office Administrator 102


Updated on Monday, September 06, 2021.
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