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School Council

Last updated on Thursday, March 09, 2017.

School Councils are bodies that were legislated into existence in 1997, via the Education Quality Improvement Act. The main purpose of school councils are to create a forum for parents, teachers, and principals (as well as other learning community members) to communicate and share information. It is intended that School Councils act as a parent/community advisory body to principals and school boards.

School Council Information

Chairs:  Teresa Sanges & Lori Cherwaty
Treasurer:  Stephanie Lostanaw-Lavin
Secretary:  Jeff Brinson
Teacher Representative:  Amanda Vernon
Non-Teaching Representative:  TBD
Gourley Park Representatives:  Randy Chapple & Karen Marcoux
Principal:  Gregg Williamson

School Council Minutes and Principal’s Report 2016-2017:
School Council Minutes – March
School Council Minutes – February
School Council Minutes – January
School Council Minutes – November
School Council Minutes – October