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What's on this page?
Last updated on Sunday, November 19, 2017.

School Council Chair

Amber Todd

Administrative Office Staff

  • Mary-Ellen Riddell
  • Kim Moon

Our School

  • G. L. Armstrong Public School is located in the community of Hamilton.
  • The school building is situated on the central mountain on Concession Street and surrounded by residential homes and small businesses.
  • The school is so well established that there are children of past GLA graduates
  • The school serves just over 450 children with a high majority of students having English as their first language
  • G. L. Armstrong offers alternative learning environments including a Middle School Comprehensive class and a primary Foundations class

Programs & Services

Student Success Supports

  • Adult volunteers: reading program – Neighbour to Neighbour
  • Certified teachers who frequently volunteer
  • Parent volunteers
  • Book Fair(s)
  • Remedial Program: Math and Literacy after school program

Program Highlights

  • Integrated Information Technology Program
  • Remedial Math Programs
  • Leveled Book/Literacy Book Room


  • Computer
  • Peer Leadership
  • Drama/Play
  • Band
  • Visual Arts
  • Intramural Sports

Before/After School Program or Activities

  • Peer Leadership
  • Drama/Play
  • Band
  • Intramural Sports
  • Scholars Program

Our School Plan

  • Math focussed

Environment Focus

Please highlight school initiatives here (i.e. Safe Schools)

  • Bullying
  • Administration and Staff Visibility (supervision, communication tools and visible vests)
  • Safe Schools (locked doors, ID Badges etc.)
  • Enhanced student voice through leadership

Parent & Community Involvement


  • SIP Plan Involvement
  • Community Experts in our Classrooms
  • Library Volunteers
  • Literacy Volunteers
  • Nutrition/Snack programs


  • Parent Reading Volunteers
  • Graduation Committee
  • Active parent group
  • Parents & Educators Together