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George L. Armstrong


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  • In 2015 we became a bigger family when Eastmount joined us to create one fantastic school!
  • The school building is situated on the central mountain on Concession Street and surrounded by residential homes and small businesses.
  • The school is so well established that there are children of past G. L. A. graduates attending here. Students frequently return to G. L. A. to complete a portion of their high school Co-op credits.
  • The school serves around 420 students.
  • G. L. Armstrong has celebrated over 90 years of service to the Hamilton community.
  • School Improvement Plans include building capacity in mathematics instruction, engaging students through leadership, and developing a culture of respect.
  • G. L. Armstrong operates various clubs, including – Band, Art Club, Choir, and various Athletics


EQAO Results

These assessments capture performance at a specific point of time each year. The results should be considered together with other school information about student performance in reading, writing and mathematics.

Updated on Monday, November 27, 2023.
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