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Staff 2022/23

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Yorkview Elementary Staff 2022-2023

Assignment Staff
JK/SK Educator Team K. Henry/ L. Dunnigan
JK/SK Educator Team K. Tower/ C. Blaskivich
1A  M. Caldwell-Puppa
1/2A T. Fink/ B. Hein
2/3A S. Gelderman
3/4A K. Grantham
4/5A B. Gardiner
5A R. Puppa
Junior French T. McFadden
Primary HPE/Music S. Keane
Learning Commons/Music B. Hein
Kindergarten Prep Teacher C. Duffy
Educational Assistant C. Condolis
Educational Assistant N. Abaid-Ur-Rehman
Learning Resource Teacher C. Duffy/L. Spencer
Custodian K. Aglor
Custodian D. Cameron
Office Administrator C. Aitken
Principal G. Moore
Updated on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.
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