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Welcome to the Yorkview Elementary Staff page. The following chart indicates the staff at Yorkview School for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Assignment Staff
JK/SK Educator Team Ms. K. Henry/ Ms. L. Dunnigan
JK/SK Educator Team Mrs. K. Tower/Mrs. S. Muller
Grade 1/2 Classroom Teacher Mrs. Caldwell-Puppa
Grade 1/2 Classroom Teacher Mrs. T. Fink/Ms. S. Joshua
Grade 2/3 Classroom Teacher Mrs. S. Gelderman
Grade 3 Classroom Teacher Mrs. K. Grantham
Grade 4 Classroom Teacher Mrs. B Gardiner
Grade 5 Classroom Teacher Mr. R. Puppa
Prep Coverage Ms. K. Dichazi
French TBA
Library/Prep Cov (Arts) Ms. S. Joshua
Learning Resource Teacher Ms. K. Knott
E.A. Ms. C. Condilis
E.A. Ms. R. Dykes
Office Administrator Mrs. L. Cochlin
Custodian Ms. B. Pittard
Custodian Mr. G. Griffith
Principal Ms. M. Rodney
Updated on Monday, June 22, 2020.
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