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Fundraiser Rewards Monday June 27th & Updates

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Fundraiser Rewards Monday June 27th & Updates

Principal for a day

Congratulations to Everett from class 2A who was our top fundraiser for our recent dance-a-thon! We welcome our student leader to the office who will contribute to our positive school culture on this day.

Ice cream party

School council is rewarding the whole school with ice cream and frozen treats, for the tremendous efforts and success achieved through the fundraiser totalling over $6,000.00! Direct contact will be made with families of students with allergies. Please connect with your child’s teacher if your child will not be participating.

Thank you for all the effort put towards the Yorkview dance-a-thon fundraiser!



Monday June 27th- report cards sent home, sacred sage garden teaching & planting

Tuesday June 28th- gr. 5 celebration

Wednesday June 29th- last day of school, rainbow day

Updated on Sunday, June 26, 2022.
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