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Winona News – Sept 25

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Winona News – Sept 25

Important Dates

  • Sept 26 – Junior Swim Team Practice
  • Sept 28 – Fire Drill #2 (AM)
  • Sept 29 – School Council AGM (6:30 pm) – Library
  • Sept 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day)
  • Oct 3 – Junior Swim Team Practice
  • Oct 6 – Meet the Staff (5:30 pm – 6:30 pm) – SAVE THE DATE
  • Oct 7 – Terry Fox Event
  • Oct 10 – Thanksgiving (School Closed)

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day) – Friday, September 30th is Orange Shirt Day.  On this day we honour the Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools and educate ourselves about this history.  A child-friendly link is provided for families who would like to learn more about this day or engage in at-home discussions.

Terry Fox Run – Our annual Terry Fox Run will take place on Friday, Oct. 7 at the school. We have set a fundraising goal of $2500 for this year. If you would like to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation to help with cancer research, please use this link to go directly to Winona School’s fundraising page.


Meet the Staff Evening – On Thursday, October 6, the staff at Winona welcome families for school and classroom visits, from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm.  As our students bring their families through our school, most staff will be present for introductions and to meet families.  Our Meet the Staff evening is a great way for all stakeholders to begin to build home and school connections.

Reorganization of Classrooms – As communicated previously, there will be some reorganization in all HWDSB schools to adjust the staffing to meet our actual enrollment numbers.  Direct communication with impacted families at Winona will be made beginning Friday, September 29.  Reorganization can be a difficult experience, which is why it is important to validate your child’s feelings while still presenting a change in a positive way. The success of our new classrooms or changes will be determined by the attitudes that we as educators and families demonstrate to the children.

School Council – The first meeting of School Council will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 29, 2022, in the Library.  Childminding has been arranged for families who require this in order to attend (email [email protected] to confirm your needs). Please be sure to hand in your self-nomination form by September 28 (12 pm), if interested in an official role on School Council. The School Council Nomination Form is posted at this link.

School Cash Online – For safety, efficiency, and convenience, HWDSB schools use School Cash Online for payments (e.g. excursions and activities).  Access can be found in the HWDSB Parent Portal or by following this link.  SchoolCashOnline.com: Welcome. If you are new or have not already registered, we have attached the instructions for you to follow. INFO – SCO Parent Registration Flyer 2021-22

Updated on Sunday, September 25, 2022.
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