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School Council

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School Council Members (2020-2021)

School Council Co-Chairs: L. Blaine and M. Hartman

Treasurer: S. Barry

Secretary: A. Benner

Parent Members: A. Gelder, E. Ketsetzis, M. Patzalek, K. Marunchak

Community Representative: Brenda Parker (Supervisor – Umbrella Daycare)

Teacher Representative: on a rotating basis

Voting Members (5 out of 8 to pass a motion)

Next Meeting Date :  Meeting Dates: November 11th, 6:00PM via MS Teams

Website address (if using MS Teams online):  https://bit.ly/2Io7RYg

Phone number and conference ID (if calling in): +1 647-749-9281   ID: 264 651 482#

School Council Minutes:

October minutes will be posted shortly…

Updated on Monday, November 09, 2020.
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