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Staff List
2021-2022 – Revised October 12, 2021

Principal Mr. B. Berketa Office
Office Administrator Mrs. D. Steven Office
JKSKA Mr. S. Fried (Teacher)
Mrs. M. Brock (Designated Early Childhood Educator)
JKSKB Mrs. J. Welsh (Teacher)
Ms. M. Kapuran (Designated Early Childhood Educator)


JKSKC Mrs. A. Kitchen (Teacher)
Mrs. S. Montecalvo (Designated Early Childhood Educator)


JKSKD Ms. S. Graham (Teacher)
Mrs. N. Abou Sharaf (Designated Early Childhood Educator)
12B Mrs. D. Muir-Dennie 133
1B Mrs. C. Saigeon 109
1 Remote Ms. S. Redden 107
12A Miss M. Galopoulos 125
23A Mrs. M. Popovic 127
3A Mrs. E. McNabb Portable
34A Mr. C. Perry Portable
4A Ms. M. Murphy 104
45A Mrs. S. Goehner Portable
5A Ms. J. Rainville Portable
6A Mr. D. Levantis 132
67A Ms. M. Burke Portable
78A Mr. T. Laidman Portable
8A Mr. K. Lewis 131
78C Hockey Canada Skills Academy Mr. S. Kuczerepa 128
Learning Resource Mr. S. DesRoches
French, Library Mme N. McDonald
Music Mr. B. Hawley
Primary Mr. I. Abid
French Ms. E. Zucker
Reading Specialist Ms. T. Montalbo
Educational Assistant Mrs. R. Bell
Educational Assistant Ms. I.  Kaczor
Educational Assistant Ms. L. Traplin
Educational Assistant Ms. M. Prine
Head Caretaker Mr. J. Jones
Caretaking (Afternoon/ Evening)


Updated on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.
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