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HWDSB Building

Student Services

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Learning Resource Room

The Learning Resource room is a very busy place!   The resource room is a place that offers assistance to students who require extra time, extra help and / or a quiet place to work.  It is open during class time and you may self-select to work quietly in room with teacher permission or your teacher may request it.  

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a hub in the school. The Learning Commons is a learning space for all.  A vibrant space that presents many powerful opportunities for everyone to come together and learn in varied ways where there is a blend of the physical and the virtual.  It features micro spaces, varied writable surfaces and lots of choice in how to gather to collaborate and learn!  

Eagles Roost

Eagles Roost is open daily during Nutrition Breaks.  Items available for purchase include: frozen yogurt, juice, cookies, chips.  All items the comply with the HWDSB Nutrition Policy. *CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Pizza Day

Pizza day is every Wednesday. Cheese or pepperoni slice for $2 and must be pre-ordered.  Notification of upcoming pizza blocks is posted on the school website as well as through school cash online. *CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Updated on Monday, September 27, 2021.
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