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Voicemail for Staff:

In order to leave a voice message for a particular staff member, please call our main number (289) 345-4555.  When prompted, use the following extension numbers to leave a voice message (an immediate email is also generated).

Please note that not all teachers check their voicemail regularly and that email is the preferred means of contacting teachers.  Please include Mr. Manzin with any items of concern or praise.  Email addresses are provided in the attachment below:

Office Staff:

Mr. J. Manzin – Principal, extension 2842…  Email: [email protected]

Mrs. D. Jeffrey – Office Administrator, ext. 2841… Email: [email protected]

Mrs. D. Fogel – Office Administrator, ext. 2840… Email: [email protected]

Main Office: Extension 0

2023-24 Teaching Staff (Email Addresses and Extension #’s:

Rockton Staff List 2023-24


Updated on Wednesday, February 28, 2024.
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