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VariSAFE-Home Alone & Stranger Safety and Babysitters Training Courses

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VariSAFE-Home Alone & Stranger Safety and Babysitters Training Courses

Dear Rockton Families,

Vari SAFE Education would like to announce their Spring/Summer 2024 Programming.  They are offering two courses;

Home Alone & Stranger Safety

Babysitters Training Course

The Home Alone & Stranger Safety program is a highly interactive course for students 8-11 years of age and teaches the fundamentals in Personal Safety, Home Alone and First Aid skills with emphasis on keeping self sate.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to; identify the different types of strangers and respond safely, communicate with their families effectively, stay safe in the home and kitchen, react to illness or emergencies, use a fire extinguisher and safely handle everyday situations.

The Babysitters Training Course is a fun and interactive course for students 10-13 years of age who seek the information and techniques required to take care of others.  Students will learn about getting their first job safely, the care and requirements for infants through to school age, level 2 first aid (for others), kitchen safety, fire safety, managing difficult situations and emergency response.

Vari SAFE considers their education to be a value add.  It is a fresh and innovative approach to safety.

Please see the attached flyer for further details regarding registration, location, fees, etc.

Thank you.

Vari SAFE Education Program Flyer

Updated on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.
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